Library Contents

The Visual Processing Library of the CURVACE project contains a variety of software and code samples developed for the CURVACE sensor. The goal of this software collection is to provide interested researchers an easy access to the CURVACE sensors.

The software collection is categorized into three groups:

Computer applications are available as source and binary distribution for the Windows operating system. In some cases these can also be compiled for Linux systems. These applications can directly be used.

Microcontroller software are complete packages for the dsPIC used within CURVACE or a separate dedicated microcontroller. These packages implement a specific functionality of the CURVACE sensor and can be used as a basis for own code development.

The generic code samples contain several algorithms (optic flow) that are provided as C code. These samples are deliberately kept simple which allows to adapt the code to specific needs (microcontroller or PC).

Get the library

The Visual Processing Library can be downloaded as separate .zip archives:

Instructions on installing and compiling the applications and controller software can be found in the corresponding sections.

The Doxygen source documentation is also available online: VPL source documentation.

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